A Few Good Books

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  • My biggest challenge in drafting SJW verbiage is that you rarely find it as concise and coherent as the demands of novelization require. I helped myself to the catch phrases and jargon of a wide variety of social-justice warriors. I collected many of the most colorful and ridiculous examples of hyperbolic social-justice prose I could find, and I distilled it to yield results like that above. By placing social-justice rhetoric in the concise dialectic form required by the narrative structure of my story, the inherent illogic and vacuousness of it become far more apparent. To that extent, my fictionalized social-justice prose may do an injustice to social-justice advocates.

    I've made a start on Book 4, A Hell of an Engineer, but my main literary project right now is still my book on fields. Expect Book 4 sometime late next year.

    Thanks for the kind words about The Hidden Truth.

  • You are most welcome. For its rough spots, it was still a series I wanted to read more of right away, and I look forward to the next one.

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